In lighting applications ranging from commercial to retail, hospitality to your “home sweet home”, both consumers and professionals have come to expect so much more than just improved efficiency and longevity from LED lighting. It is no longer enough to simply evaluate the quantity of light, but its quality.

At LED GEEKS we are dedicated to providing Lighting products that will transform any Home, Business & Establishment. We only supply the highest quality products that you can depend on. We pride ourselves on unparalleled customer service & after-sales care that will ensure that every customer completes their purchase with an absolute certainty and trust in LED GEEKS. We thrive on excellence and always look to the future when adding new lines to our ranges, so that you can feel comfortable knowing that we have gone huge distances to ensure that your project will be equipped for the future

LED GEEKS comes from a background of Electronic & Electrical Engineering & Renewable Energy so you can rest assured that you are always receiving sound advice and highest quality products, while maintaining our view on a Greener planet by only offering Low Energy and Highly Efficient LED Lights.

From small beginnings to larger aspirations LED GEEKS’s mission is to provide the most state-of-the-art and contemporary products at prices that is affordable for all to enjoy. Our staff are here to assist you with all your needs and would like to make sure that no one will be left alone when they need a helping hand.