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What are the dimensions of the space?

Width of room, in linear feet
Length of room, in linear feet
Ceiling height, in linear feet

600 square feet, 8 foot ceilings

What are your brightness needs?

100 fc: Fine manufacturing & industrial
80 fc: Artwork (creation)
60 fc: Bathrooms & Makeup
50 fc: Kitchen prep areas
40 fc: Office Spaces, Classrooms, Retail, Dining Areas
30 fc: Simple manufacturing & industrial
20 fc: Living Rooms, Artwork (illumination), Warehouse / Storage
10 fc: Bedrooms, Residential hallways

20 footcandles

What color are your walls?

Select wall color:

Reflectance: 94%

Your total recommended lumen output requirement is...

12,376 lumens

Your lumen target can be reached with the following...

Product Brightness (each) Quantity Needed Expected Total Lumen Output
 Disk Light 990 lm 16 bulbs 12,800 lm
 2x4 Panel 7197 lm 28 bulbs 12,600 lm
 T8 LED Tubes 2160 lm 16 bulbs 12,800 lm
 2 Ring Ceiling Fixture 1700 lm 7 lamps 12,600 lm
 Channel Strip 5850 lm (per ft) 28 ft 12,600 lm

Your recommended color temperature range is...


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